Search and stream features

Search for features based on the feature property filter passed in the body of the request. The streaming response format can be length prefixed, new line delimited, record separator delimited or concatenated depending on requested output (see

Securityoidc-token or oauth2-client-credentials or oauth2-open-industrial-data or oauth2-auth-code
path Parameters
string <= 32 characters ^[A-Za-z][A-Za-z0-9_]{0,31}$

External Id of the feature type provided by client. Must be unique among all feature type external ids within a CDF project.

Example: ocean_measures
Request Body schema: application/json
boolean (GeospatialAllowCrsTransformation)

Optional parameter indicating if input geometry properties should be transformed into the respective Coordinate Reference Systems defined in the feature type specification. If the parameter is true, then input geometries will be transformed when the input and output Coordinate Reference Systems differ. When it is false, then requests with geometries in Coordinate Reference System different from the ones defined in the feature type will result in bad request response code. Transformations apply to property geometries in case of create and update feature, as well as to geometries in spatial filters in search endpoints.

boolean (GeospatialAllowDimensionalityMismatch)

Optional parameter indicating if the spatial filter operators allow input geometries with a different dimensionality than the properties they are applied to. For instance, when set to true, if a feature type has a property of type POLYGONZM (4D), its features can be filtered using the stContains operator and a POLYGON (2D) value. This option defaults to false if not specified.

GeospatialFeatureNotFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureAndFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureOrFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureEqualsFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureMissingFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureLikeFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureRegexFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureRangeFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureContainsAnyFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureInFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStIntersectsFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStIntersects3dFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStWithinFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStWithinProperlyFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStContainsFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStContainsProperlyFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStWithinDistanceFilter (object) or GeospatialFeatureStWithinDistance3dFilter (object) (GeospatialFeatureFilter)
object (GeospatialOutputStreaming)

Desired output specification for streaming.


The feature search streaming response - it can be length prefixed, new line delimited, record separator delimited or concatenated depending on requested output.


Failed request reponse.

Request samples
  • "filter": {
    • "and": [
  • "limit": 100,
  • "output": {
    • "jsonStreamFormat": "NEW_LINE_DELIMITED"
Response samples
  • "property1": "string",
  • "property2": "string",
  • "externalId": "",
  • "createdTime": 0,
  • "lastUpdatedTime": 0