Insert rows into a table

Insert rows into a table. It is possible to post a maximum of 10000 rows per request. It will replace the columns of an existing row if the rowKey already exists.

The rowKey is limited to 1024 characters which also includes Unicode characters. The maximum size of columns are 5 MiB, however the maximum size of one column name and value is 2621440 characters each. If you want to store huge amount of data per row or column we recommend using the Files API to upload blobs, then reference it from the Raw row.

The columns object is a key value object, where the key corresponds to the column name while the value is the column value. It supports all the valid types of values in JSON, so number, string, array, and even nested JSON structure (see payload example to the right).

If an error occurs during the write, partial data may be written as there is no rollback. However, it's safe to retry the request, since this endpoint supports both update and insert (upsert).

A row's last updated timestamp will only be updated if the new column contents are considered different to the old one. An identical JSON string should always be counted as the same contents.

Securityoidc-token or oauth2-client-credentials or oauth2-open-industrial-data or oauth2-auth-code
path Parameters
string [ 1 .. 32 ] characters

Name of the database.

string [ 1 .. 64 ] characters

Name of the table.

query Parameters
Default: false

Create database/table if it doesn't exist already

Request Body schema:

List of rows to create.

Array of objects (RawDBRowInsert)

Empty response.


Missing required fields.

Request samples
  • "items": [
    • {
Response samples
{ }