Synthetic Time Series

Synthetic Time Series (STS) is a way to combine various input time series, constants and operators, to create completely new time series.

For example can we use the expression 24 * TS{externalId='production/hour'} to convert from hourly to daily production rates.

But STS is not limited to simple conversions.

  • We support combination of different time series TS{id=123} + TS{externalId='hei'}.
  • Functions of time series sin(pow(TS{id=123}, 2)).
  • Aggregations of time series TS{id=123, aggregate='average', granularity='1h'}+TS{id=456}
  • Convert time series with unitExternalId to another unit TS{externalId='temp_c', targetUnit='temperature:deg_f'}.

To learn more about synthetic time series please follow our guide.