Manage data in the raw NoSQL database. Each project will have a variable number of raw databases, each of which will have a variable number of tables, each of which will have a variable number of key-value objects. Only queries on key are supported through this API.

Request and concurrency limits

Both the rate of requests and the number of concurrent (parallel) requests are governed by limits, for all CDF API endpoints. If a request exceeds one of the limits, it will be throttled with a 429: Too Many Requests response. More on limit types and how to avoid being throttled is described here.

The limits for the Raw service are described in the table below. Note that under high load, some deviation from the limits might occur for short periods of time as the service is scaling up. The /rows endpoints for inserting and retrieving data are governed by specific data rate limits.

Limit Per project Per user (identity)
Concurrency 64 parallel requests 48 parallel requests
Data rate (retrieve) 8.3 GB / 10 minutes 6.6 GB / 10 minutes
Data rate (insert) 1.6 GB / 10 minutes 1.3 GB / 10 minutes